Well Welcome to Las Vegas


Now Pay attention or we will have Oscar send you right back home....

Various folk active on the Las Vegas list of City Data and other places have created some advice for those who would like to come to Las Vegas. If you are already here you can read them too...but it may be to late for you.

Folks interested in moving to the Las Vegas valley should be somewhat familiar with it first. THAT familiarity does not include your last vacation as a tourist along the Strip corridor

First off go to the City Data Las Vegas site and use the Search button. It has all been discussed before. All you need to do is find it. Saves everybody work and you won't make us cranky...

Before you come to Vegas you need...

1. Some money. At least enough to continue paying for a place to sleep and enough to eat for 6 months. Better to have a little more than that.

2. You need an automobile unless you are an unusual person. This is a southwestern city. It does not cater to people who ride bikes or want public transit. It can be done but you need to be dedicated to pull it off.

3. You need a local address and phone number. The whole town is suspicious of "foreigners" which is anyone who does not live in Clark County (well a limited exemption for those in Nye or Lincoln). Comes from the local propensity to declare folk local or tourist. You never trust a tourist.

4. If you qualify for a higher level job don't come here until you have it. The high level jobs are filled with national searches. If you did not come up when you lived in Muncie why would you come up when you live in Vegas?

5. Las Vegas does not care what you were paid in San Francisco or Seattle. You are no longer in San Francisco or Seattle. Click your heels to go home or understand you get what the job pays in Las Vegas.

6. When you get here get a job. Anything that is suited to keep your cash flow up and the eviction away. Then work for that dream job. Yes you may well have what it takes to prance in the chorus line, or pour at Pure or manage Echelon. But get yourself fed first.

7. If you are not familiar with the climate of Las Vegas you should consider visiting here in July or August before you move here. Yes it is a dry heat. There is very little humidity. But heat is the number one reason why newcomers leave in a year or so. Some like it. Some cannot live with it.

MomMom's Corallaries and Cautions.....

"Warning-Moving to Las Vegas may not solve all the problems you're bringing with you. In some reported cases, the problems have gotten worse once you've moved here"

"Las Vegas is the not the end of rainbow with the pot of gold waiting just for you. It's like any other place, and it will be what you'll make of it. Poor planning, lack of funds, missing the folks/food/ocean back home, no experience/no skills to secure a good paying job are not the city's fault...they are uniquely yours and you should have thought of all those things before you uprooted yourself to move here"

Failure to heed MomMom's advice can result in a complaint to Oscar...and we all know where that leads.